Play, Collaborate, Change

Behavior Change Design is a quickly growing and continually evolving field. It utilizes methods and techniques from research, data analysis, sociology, psychology and human-centered design to craft interventions that influence behaviors. Designing through the lens of play and games inspires fun and interactive exploration of concepts and ideas that energize routines, environments, and outcomes in everyday life.

What if game design principles and behavior change techniques were applied together to design products or services aimed at helping people to achieve community-based goals in health, social good, sustainability, animal welfare, and more?
 Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn to use the behavior change design methods to craft an intervention targeting community-based goals of their choice, as well as techniques designers use to motivate, engage, and reward players through a game’s lifecycle. 
A practical, step-by-step methodology will be explored throughout the half-day workshop, through a series of interactive group activities and applied to prototyping a concept for a community-based behavior change game.

The Play, Collaborate, Change workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn how to collaborate with a group on designing solutions to real-world, community based behavior change problems. This workshop is hands on, interactive, and exploratory. We encourage participants who are activity driven and truly interested in diving into a problem space to attend. Attendees of similar workshops we have facilitated include UI/UX, healthcare, financial services, education, marketing, design strategy and content strategy professionals. We would love to have attendees in public health, government, community based organizations and private sector organizations addressing or passionate about social good, sustainability and animal welfare participate as well. Seriously, anyone who wants to play, collaborate, change is welcome!