Service Safaris: Exploring the Wild World of Everyday Experiences

We all experience services daily. We notice the unexpected, delightful moments as well as the painful and unpleasant ones. What we don’t always notice are the in-between moments, the micro-moments that make up the holistic service experience. How do we observe, analyze, assess and understand services in a way that helps us see the pieces that define the whole? A Service Safari is an immersive and collaborative process and tool for observing, assessing and deeply understanding key dimensions of a service experience.

In this workshop, you’ll experience a Service Safari, reflect on the experience, and compare with other methods/tools for assessing and understanding services.

We invite both new and experienced practitioners to join us. We want this to be a lively and constructive discussion about interesting and effective ways of observing and evaluating services. 

Some possible topics for discussion:

  1. ‍Where in our everyday work do we see this being an effective and useful method? 
  2. What are the right metrics and major categories for evaluating a service to measure impact on service user and provider?