Panel Discussion

Service Design in Public and Government Services

The panel will discuss one of the most exciting aspects of Service Design: its adoption by Public and Government organizations. The Panelists will present and discuss the specific characteristics, contexts, challenges and opportunities presented by applying Service Design in Public and Government Services. The panel will start with a broad context of “Building a Culture of Design in Public Institutions” presented by Kirsty Hosea (Deloitte); followed by Annemarie Spitz (Greater Good Studio) presenting “Project Framing in the Social Sector”. Blair Corcoran de Castillo (The Office of Personnel Management) will then talk about the importance of “Mapping Government”; and Steven Babitch (Presidential Innovation Fellows - PIF) will present “The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) Program” as a specific case that illustrates the previous topics. Finally, Denis Weil (IIT Institute of Design) will talk about the potentials for future evolutions of Service Design in the public sector in “Civic Design: the Evolution of Service Design in the public sector”.