Can Design Thinking Thrive In Large Corporations?

Design Thinking has gained much notoriety in the last decade and it seems at times that every major company or start-up is practicing it. That said, it has its detractors too. Bruce Nussbaum, formerly of BusinessWeek and a huge fan of design thinking would later say, “Companies absorbed the process of Design Thinking all too well, turning it into a linear, gated, by-the-book methodology that delivered, at best, incremental change and innovation.” That said, many Fortune 500 companies have adopted and embraced it. What is it that led them to successfully build it within the confines of corporate life? In this session, Mark will share stories of GE's journey and how it has given purpose and meaning to their solutions, putting the 'human' back in healthcare. Further, he will share past experiences from Procter & Gamble (makers of numerous household goods, from Pampers to Crest) and how they built a global Design Thinking network and incorporated it into their innovation practices. The focus will be on similarities and differences, particularly in how one was built bottom up and the other top down. Much like design thinking, there is more than one right answer, but in the end, every journey starts with a first step.