Denis Weil


IIT Institute of Design

Denis Weil is dean of IIT Institute of Design (ID) in Chicago. ID pioneered the focus on human centered design and offers the largest design strategy and leadership graduate school program in the US. Founded 80 years ago as the New Bauhaus in Chicago, the Institute of Design focus is on strengthening design as a professional practice with defined theory, history, critique, and methods. Today ID is focused on defining the next leadership areas for the practice of design given the increased demand and appreciation, also commoditization, of the design mindset and methods. Together with Mark Jones, Denis introduced the first service design class at ID in 2005 and this year is introducing the first class in Civic Design based on his research as the 2016 Government Innovation Fellow at Bloomberg Philanthropies. Prior to joining the Institute of Design as dean this year, Denis has driven innovation and design in leadership positions in the private sector (McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, and IDEO) and more recently in social and civic organizations (Year Up, Sanergy, Bloomberg Philanthropies). Weil was named a “Master of Design” by Fast Company in 2010.