Flashback 2006: The First U.S. Conference on Service Design
I think it was a starting point for a bigger movement. —Birgit Mager 

It was just over a decade ago that Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hosted the pivotal first conference on service design. The event brought an international group of academics and practitioners from business, the social sciences, technology, and design to investigate the current and future paths in the emerging field. 

One of the keynote speakers from the conference was Birgit Mager, Professor of Service Design at Köln International School of Design, and co-founder and president of the Service Design Network. Another service design ambassador, Shelley Evenson, then a professor at the CMU School of Design, was instrumental in organizing the conference with her graduate students.

See the interview article about how Mager and Evenson's collaboration has contributed to the development of the field since the early 2000s, or the transcript of the full interview.