SDN US National conference

Our theme for the first SDN U.S. National Conference, "Design Within US," explores how the field of service design has evolved in the United States. Service designers are gaining recognition for the emotional value they create for consumers and the economic value they create for organizations.

The evolution of service design as a field of practice brings together multiple types of stakeholders: from academic institutions that teach the philosophies and methods, to government organizations that encourage the use of these methods to serve the public, to for-profit companies that see service design as a way of creating stronger and more meaningful connections with their customers.

Global service design Network

Service Design is crucial for all private and public organizations that want to innovate and improve their service strategies, offerings, and user experiences. The Service Design Network (SDN) is the platform to connect with like-minded passionate service designers from companies, agencies, and universities, and with curious innovators who embrace and apply this approach for the better of their organizations and for people. The main purpose of SDN is to build awareness for service design in the public and private service sector and in the world of politics.

Founded in 2008 as a non-profit organization, the Network today has almost 1,000 individual and organizational members all over the world. Eighteen national chapters have been founded, and the dynamic Network is growing. The global and local events of the Network are a unique opportunity to connect to open-minded, innovative, and creative thinkers and doers.

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